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About us

Earning enough money to keep the bills paid and put food on the table can be a challenge. For instance, if you missed a few days of work, if a family member was ill or if you got some bills you weren’t expecting, you might be wondering how you’ll get by. It seems like there are always emergencies popping up that eat up your cash reserves. We’re not lenders, but we want to help you find a lender. Let us help you by introducing you to our list of lenders today!

Fast cash advance loans

Instead of waiting and worrying about where you can get a fast loan, let us help with your request for a cash advance loan. We’re here to help!

Service with a smile

When you ask us for help, you’ll enjoy working with our friendly customer service staff.

Transparent fees

On the offer the lender sends you to sign, you will be able to see all the fees you need to pay – nothing will be hidden.

Advantages of Golden Cash Advance Loans

Flexible Lenders

When compared to a traditional bank loan, you’ll appreciate the flexibility that our lenders show when accepting requests. All types of credit types are invited to send in a request and will be considered for loan acceptance.

Secure Technology

By using top quality SSL technology, we can protect the personal details you send us on your online inquiry form. You won’t need to worry about your information being leaked or available to others.

Convenient Payment Schedule

After you sign the offer for a cash advance loan, your lender will be happy to go over the payment schedule with you. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to pay and when each payment is due. There are no hidden charges.

Still thinking or do you have more questions? Read here for the answers:

How will I know if I can get a cash advance loan?

The way to find out is to send your online inquiry form to Golden Cash Advance Loans. We’ll send out your request for quick cash to multiple lenders, who will all have an opportunity to review your request. This gives you more chances at getting a positive reply. When one of them contacts you with a loan, it means your request has been accepted.

How do I actually send in the payments for a cash advance loan?

This is something to discuss with your lender. You might have various options, which can include paying cash at a storefront or making a direct deposit. Different lenders vary on methods of payment.

When I get accepted for a cash advance loan, what am I allowed to use the money for?

When you find a lender through Golden Cash Advance Loans, you don’t need to worry about restrictions on the way you spend your funds. The lenders we refer you to don’t set any limitations on what you should use the money for or how you should spend it. It’s yours!

Who will let me know when my loan payments are due?

When you get your money from the lender, you’ll get a payment schedule to follow. You won’t get a monthly reminder, so make a note on your calendar when your payments are due, so you can be sure to get them sent in on time.

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